Waldorf-Catering has become the leading and most versatile catering company of Hungary since its founding in 1997. While we respect the traditions, our approach to gastronomy is fresh and modern. This is reflected in the quality of the food we serve, the technology we use and our own creative catering concepts, customised to any given event.

Waldorf credo

We define our style of gastronomy as renewed Hungarian cuisine with French and Italian influences. We take inspiration from the nearly forgotten, but varied and exciting 19th century Hungarian and Transylvanian kitchens, as well as rural French and Italian cooking. Being adventurous spirits, we like to venture into and have experience in different styles of gastronomy, including Middle-Eastern, Thai and Japanese, Scandinavian cuisines.

Waldorf environmental conciousness

We highly appreciate the harmony between man and nature. We created a catering concept around the idea of sustainability, our portfolio includes a buffet and drink bar system made from reused pallets and ladders, with energy-saving LED lighting and organic décor. The environmentally conscious concept is enhanced by the use of biodegradable plates, tableware and glasses (banana leaf, cellulose, maize starch). We believe that environmental consciousness is more important now than ever, we take great care to minimalize our ecologic footprint, regarding transport, waste management and use of energy. We also proudly support Hungarian artisan manufacturers and small farmers, we purchase our raw materials and ingredients directly from them whenever possible.