Our story

1997 - The Pioneer
At the end of the 90’s Waldorf-Catering launched its high-end gastronomy concept. Specialised at the beginning in catering for business events, Waldorf was one of the pioneers in party services in Hungary.

2000 - The Trendsetter
We built our own logistics centre and warehouse to allow a more flexible service for our partners. Innovative food compositions contributed to the success of prestige events catered for by Waldorf-Catering.

2004 - The Gastro Ambassador
Waldorf-Catering constructed its own, fully equipped kitchen, which elevated us to market leader status regarding the quality of our services.

2006 - The Designer
The first full catering concept was born, called Waldorf Art, based on our design. Its airy appearance suited for spectacular finger food compositions created a modern, minimalist trend.

2009 - The Milestone
The new headquarters of Waldorf-Catering was built, housing a cutting-edge technology kitchen, the business units and the offices. With this investment a new era began in our life. The reorganised production processes brought even higher quality, reliability and efficiency to the company.

2010 - The Specialist
Waldorf-Catering is sensitive to international trends and strives to be the first in the Hungarian catering market to implement these trends. Following the worldwide resurgence of small-farm and organic food, we launched our own project to promote local purchasing, look up and use high quality traditional Hungarian ingredients, as well as organic products.

2011 – The Rebirth
Fresh faces arrived to the management and the kitchen. Turning toward contemporary Hungarian gastronomy, we began reworking old classics and creating new dishes from traditional ingredients.

2013 – Kitchen technology
2013 was the year of massive investments in kitchen equipment and our logistics system. The ultimate goal is to provide the highest possible quality catering service to our clients.

2014 – Diversification
Waldorf-Holding was born, which oversees the different Waldorf companies operating in various business domains, a diversified portfolio indeed. The members of the business group beside Waldorf-Catering are Waldorf-Wedding, the wedding planner, Waldorf-Hotel, the hotel developer and Waldorf-Café, the operator of the restaurant of Budapest’s only stand-up comedy theatre.

2015 – The international
Waldorf-Catering was the catering partner of the Hungarian pavilion at the ExpoMilano2015, presenting contemporary Hungarian food to the visitors from all four corners of the world.