Catering concepts

Pasta and hamburger bar

Tészta- és Hamburgerbár Let’s admit it, we are all hamburger and pasta fans.
Just how much fun it is to have a street food or Italian pasta stand at your event! The food is prepared on the spot from fresh, quality ingredients. Beside the popular items specialty hamburgers can be included in the selection, and we are happy to prepare grilled tofu or cheese for vegetarian guests. In the pasta bar the all-time favourites are available, like the Bolognese or the carbonara, but if you are looking for something different, our chef is always willing to prepare new and exciting recipes for your guests.

Lemonade bar

LimonádébárA special little something to vitalise your event! Colourful and unique, made from reused pallets, the lemonade bar is where everyone will find a fruity refreshment for themselves, served in design bottles. Because of its informal, summertime-evoking atmosphere, this will be the heart of the party.

Spritzer bar

FröccspultThere are so many varieties of spritzers that we make in Hungary… a small wonder, since the drink born from the marriage of wine and fizzy water has an enduring popularity; simple and elegant, varied enough for everyone to find their favourite . Our unique spritzer installations surely can lift a party, be it smaller or larger in scale.