We are so lucky to have worked with so many fantastic partners on so many wonderful projects. We could place tons of logos and emblems on this page, but instead we just name a few events that we are really proud of. We thank all of our partners and clients for their support.

2016 – Award Gala: on the occasion of 20th August we served a plated gala dinner for 450 guests in the Pesti Vigadó.

Season launch gala of the tourism industry: this is the must-go event of the industry, held on 1st February each year. The 1000 guests are made up of the representatives of the leading travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, suppliers and the public sector. As special guests, in 2016 we presented the gastronomy of Waldorf-Holding with a unique installation dedicated to each division: Catering, Wedding, Hotel, Cafe, as well as our newest project, Babérliget.

Christmas dinner: 2015 was the 3rd time that we provided a buffet dinner for the 850 employees of the company, the event was enhanced by our own market concept built from reused pallets.

Hungarian Wedding Gala 2015: an event for the wedding professionals where Waldorf provided the plated dinner for 300 guests. The concept of the event was based around the rockabilly era, which was reflected in both the food and the décor. All the divisions of the Waldorf-Holding were represented this time as well.

Hungarocontrol Air Traffic Control Ball: a seated buffet dinner for 250 guests at Ferihegy Airport Terminal 1; and if the setting was not eye-catching enough, the use of molecular gastronomy and a 1,5 m tall spaceship cake made the event all the more spectacular.

EXPO Milano 2015: at the world exhibition we were the exclusive caterers of the Hungarian Pavilion. Our aim was to introduce traditional and contemporary Hungarian gastronomy to the visitors of the exhibition.

Annual telecommunications conference of the UN in Doha (ITU Telecom World 2014): in the Lagoon Restaurant of the Ritz-Carlton Resort we catered for the Hungarian Reception and its invitees.

Audi Hungary Motor: providing VIP finger food lunch for the European top management of Audi’s factories.

Figyelő Magazine – TOP 200 Award Gala: Waldorf-Catering’s special gastronomy concept made its debut at the TOP 200 Gala in October of 2010. We served 12 courses during the dinner - all finger food compositions in flying service.

Engineers’ Ball (2008/09/10/11): the events in each year were built around a unique conception. In 2009, the year of National Astronomy we served the stars of gastronomy in style with 5 courses on the banquet.

SAPA family day: all-day catering for 2300 people with breakfast of choice, lunch and a simple dinner with optional food shopping opportunities.

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