Waldorf-Catering has become the leading and most versatile catering company of Hungary since its founding in 1997. Our stable team of multiple personalities, as well as our cutting-edge kitchen technology and multitude of service equipment provide us a steady background to be able to realise any event between a 10-guest fine dining experience and a family day of a few thousand guests in outstanding quality. Our partners feel comfortable and at home in any given event location, thanks to our bespoke services, care and attention. Beside the high-end gastronomy and immaculate service this is how we contribute to the success of your event.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the best possible service to our partners. We believe environmental consciousness is just as important, we take great care to minimalize our ecologic footprint, regarding transport, waste management and use of energy. We also proudly support Hungarian artisan manufacturers and small farmers, we purchase our raw materials and ingredients directly from them whenever possible.

Waldorf Catering Concept

Over the years we have developed various catering concepts, so that each of our clients can find the one that fits their needs best. We customise the chosen concept to the given event, including food and drinks, buffet system, décor, table setting. Our stylist and decorator partners bring the catering concept to perfection with their tailor-made solutions and fine details. Click here for the pictures >> 

Waldorf Gastronomy

We define our style of gastronomy as renewed Hungarian cuisine with French and Italian influences