Vilmos Selmeczi

Owner, General manager

Waldorf-Catering has become the leading and most versatile catering company of Hungary since its founding in 1997. While we respect the traditions, our approach to gastronomy is fresh and modern. This is strongly reflected in the quality of the food we serve, the technology we use and our own creative catering concepts, customised to any given event." For us, there is no such thing as impossible. This is our credo, our attitude towards our work and partners. Our enthusiastic and hard-working team is willing to push the limits when it comes to satisfying our customers needs, we are bonded and moved forward by our love and respect for what we do.

Tha Waldorf gastronomy is a highly exciting mixture. We define our style of gastronomy as renewed Hungarian cuisine with French and Italian influences.

"Our stable team, as well as our cutting-edge kitchen technology and multitude of service equipment provide us a steady background to be able to realise any event between a 10-guest fine dining experience and a corporate family fun day of a few thousand guests in outstanding quality. Our partners feel comfortable and at home in any given event location, thanks to our bespoke services, care and attention. Beside the high-end gastronomy and immaculate service this is how we contribute to the success of your event.
We created a catering concept around the idea of sustainability, our portfolio includes a buffet and drink bar system made from reused pallets and ladders, with energy-saving LED lighting and organic décor. The environmentally conscious concept is enhanced by the use of biodegradable plates, tableware and glasses (palm leaf, cellulose, maize starch). We believe that environmental consciousness is more important now than ever, we take great care to minimalize our ecologic footprint, regarding transport, waste management and use of energy. We also proudly support Hungarian artisan manufacturers and small farmers, we purchase our raw materials and ingredients directly from them whenever possible."


Own venues


1082 Budapest,
Corvin Promenade 1/B
Capacity: 240 guests

Füvészkert - Hernyák birtok

Fűvészkert wine estate

2091 Etyek,
Old Hill
Capacity: 100 guest

Premium venues

Festetics Palota

Festetics Palace

1088 Budapest,
Pollack Mihály Square 3.
Capacity: 120 guests


Rókusfalvy Estate

2091 Etyek,
Újhegyi street
Capacity: 150 guests



1033 Budapest,
Bogdáni street 1-3.
Capacity: 150 guests



1117 Budapest,
Galvani u. 6.
Capacity: 100 guest


Bálna Budapest

1093 Budapest,
Fővám Square 11-13.
Capacity: 1000 guests

OFF Kultúrszövőgyár

OFF Culture weaving factory

1045 Budapest,
Berni street 1.
Capacity: 400 guests


"Waldorf-Catering has always been a sort of a pioneer when it comes to gastronomy: we were the first to come up with unique food presentation systems, which creatively redefined the traditional ways of food service.  As the years pass by, our creative spirit does not diminish, we are constantly working to be ahead of trends with our practical and modern installations to be able to help our clients reach their goals.
Please take a look at what we have in store, let us make your event a truly special one."

Waldorf Glass

"Industrial and sophisticated - these terms are not normally used in the same context, however, the brushed steel and glass installation by Waldor Glass is best described as these. Translucent, airy and light as if food was floating on it. Its practical use and great variability are the main reasons why the unit can serve different purposes. It is a real trend setting item, fits perfectly well in any space."

Waldorf Art

Waldorf Art with its airy appearance and flexibility is certainly a futuristic way for presenting fingerfoods, amuse bouches, salads and desserts. It fits into any environment and can be varied at will, adding a unique, elegant and minimalist touch to any event. We recommend it for buffet and finger food events, up to a 100 participants.

Waldorf Country

Waldorf Country represents the new generation of food buffet installations. The wooden and glass surfaces reflect the current design trends and the way they combine the traditional with the modern is truly timeless. Waldorf Country provides an eye-catching background for any type of gastronomy. It is the base of the lemonade and spritzer bars as well, suitable up to 150 guests.

Waldorf Green

The Waldorf Green concept proves that classy events and environmental consciousness can go hand-in-hand. It is a buffet and drink bar installation made from reused pallets and ladders, with energy-saving LED lighting and organic décor. The environmentally conscious concept is enhanced by the use of biodegradable plates, tableware and glasses (palm leaf, cellulose, maize starch). Ideal for weddings, partner meetings and Christmas parties, up to 150 guests.

Real Kitchen

Our Real Kitchen installation is a spectacular mise-en-place, where we prepare from scratch or add the finishing touches to the dishes right in front of the guests. Real Kitchen serves a double function, while it gives the guests fresh, superb quality food, it also becomes one of the main attractions of the event. The installation can supply smaller or larger events as well and can include the pasta or hamburger bar.

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